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Filta – filter and search those you follow

Filta is a quick tool that let’s you search through the profiles of those people you follow Continue reading


Gwittr – advanced Twitter searching

Gwitter is another Twitter search tool allowing you to look at anyone’s Twitter stream and sort by links, search old tweets and find pictures faster Continue reading

twXplorer – a smarter way to search Twitter

twXplorer, a search tool developed at Northwestern University Knight Lab in Illinois, helps shows related hashtags and links based on your search query in Twitter. Continue reading

Tame – analyze, search and monitor your stream

Tame is a tool from Tazaldoo, in Berlin, that will allow you to view your Twitter timeline for important information you may have missed Continue reading

Parade – the gosh darn cutest Twitter app yet

It is all about being cute in this one with IsParade.  Enter a search term and the results are brought to you in a parade.  Each person in the parade gets the avatar from the search results and the band brings them marching across.  The help is written in Japanese and I have yet to … Continue reading

Flocking.Me – searches and trends from just your Twitter friends

Flocking.me takes a great approach to searches against twitter.  Instead of a search giving you results form everyone, it only gives results from your friends. Authentication is done via oAuth and offers four areas to work with: search results from your friends results on a map trends from just your friends live updates This is … Continue reading

SearchCheck: Get Alerts When Your Tweets Don’t Show Up In Twitter Search

Recently, there’s been a surge in complaints by Twitter users whose tweets aren’t getting indexed in Twitter Search.  When I recently shared ways to avoid being filtered from Twitter Search,  the amazing TwitterKarma developer, Dossy, alerted me to his new service: SearchCheck. SearchCheck will notifiy you via DM on each day that your tweets are not indexed … Continue reading