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Put An Expiration Time On Tweets With Spirit For Twitter

Wish you could schedule your tweets to automatically delete themselves after a period of time has passed? Spirit for Twitter allows you to do just that with a simple hashtag of how long you would like your tweet to live (i.e. #15m, #12h, #3d). Whether you’re tweeting about an upcoming event, running a contest on … Continue reading

Twitterrific 5 for iOS

The Twitter client battleground has been relatively quiet thanks in part to API changes made by Twitter that are affecting Twitter developers(and those tocome). That’s not stopping long-time contender Twitterrific [iTunes] from breathing new life into their old app. Can an old bird learn new tricks? Keep reading to find out! Read the full review on SheGeeks.net

Echofon Heads to Android – Try the Public Beta Now!

Naan Studios is bringing Echofon, a popular iOS Twitter app, to Android! They recently tweeted a link to the first public beta for Echofon for Android. It looks 10xs better than the iOS version of the app. We’re glad to see the team go with Android’s holo-theme, a look inline with the latest versions of … Continue reading

Manually or Automatically Manage Your Twitter Following With TwitQuit

TwitQuit is a tool that allows you to take greater control over how you manage your followings and followers on Twitter. Twitquit offers a handful of features for users. If you’re looking for a tool to keep track of who follows and unfollows you, TwitQuit can send emails at various intervals with this information. In … Continue reading

Tweeki, A Simple and Clean Twitter App for Windows

Windows OS has been getting a lot of love from Twitter developers over the past year, and Tweeki keeps the love coming. Continue reading

Tweetbot: My Favorite Twitter App for iOS

If you haven’t heard about Tweetbot by now, you either don’t own an iPhone or have no iPhone friends. Tweetbot is a Twitter client for iPhone that, visually, is refreshing to see in the Apple App Store. Continue reading

Twittelator Neue: A Beautiful New Twitter App for iPhone

Twittelator Neue is one of the latest Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod Touch to hit the App Store. It’s absolutely a beautiful Twitter client to look at, but lacks many features to make switch from what we’re currently using. What makes this mobile Twitter app really stand out is it’s inline image and website … Continue reading

Discover Your Twitter Birthday Using TwBirthday

If you’re curious to know when someone first signed-up for Twitter or even how long you’ve been on yourself, look no further than TwBirthday. Simply type in any Twitter handle and TwBirthday will give you the Twitter birthdate for the username you entered. Continue reading

MetroTwit: A Worthy Twitter Desktop Client for Windows (PC)

If you’re looking for that perfect Twitter desktop client for PC, MetroTwit is one you should consider.  Giving you gorgeous column user interface packed with power Twitter users features makes MetroTwit stand out in the crowd. MetroTwit features a bundle of customizable notifications  with “toaster”, at-a-glance notifications in MetroTwit. If you’re using Windows 7 you … Continue reading

Tweetgo Twitter Mobile Web Client for Nokia Maemo Gadgets (N900, N8)

Spotted on MyNokiaBlog.com, Tweetgo is a mobile web client for Twitter designed with Nokia Maemo devices in mind (i.e. Nokia N900). If you’ve ever owned a Nokiaa N900, then you’re aware of the lack of great Twitter clients for the Maemo platform. Tweetgo aims to be the solution using your mobile web browser. Simply visit … Continue reading