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Sopularity – find the best hashtags for your tweets

SopuSopularitylarity suggests the most appropriate trending hashtags for your tweets.
This leads to a significant increase of the searchability and popularity of your tweets. Continue reading


Efemr – time limited tweets ?

Efemr is a Twitter tool that automatically deletes tweets after a predetermined time using hashtags. Continue reading

MentionMapp – visualize user and hashtag mentions

MentionMapp builds a visual map of hashtags and username mentions. It helps you drill down into related people and topics. Continue reading

Proxlet – block apps, mute users and tags across clients

Proxlet supports multiple Twiiter clients and Chrome to mute apps, hashtags, users and more. Check the review. Continue reading

twitterBatcher: Follow Groups of People on Twitter With A Click

twitterBatcher is a Twitter tool that allows you to follow Twitter users in batches. Login to your Twitter account using oAuth and start listing the usernames of tweeples you’d like to follow. Once your done hit the “follow them” button and let twitterBatcher do the rest of the work. The service supports a hashtag directory … Continue reading

TwapperKeeper – organize tweets based on hashtags (very beta)

TwapperKeeper is a young site trying to help you organize your own tweets using hashtags.  It is a bright and very bland UI but the idea has promise as people pour more data into Twitter. They are now whitelisted which allows them to poll ever 5 minutes and build an archive on your Twapper tags.  … Continue reading

TweetTabs – Realtime Twitter trends and Twitter search

TweetTabs is a slick web interface for on the fly trend tracking and searches.  New tabs pop up across the interface, much like TweetDeck would be on the web.  I liked it immediately and found value when trying to watch information about a conference in near real-time without killing your own API limit. They give … Continue reading

Twitster – putting Twitter groups on your website

Twitster is a PHP application for your webserver that allows you to do some cool hashtag or group following and then display it on any website/server that supports PHP. I have a conference ID set up that we use each year to rebroadcast to everyone that follows it, but this is a new implementation idea … Continue reading