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Track The World Cup 2010 In Real-Time Using Twitter

Another day, another celebration and this one is taking place all over the world! In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past month, the World Cup is making a big splash on the web and everyone has something to say. How are you going to get your World Cup fix? On Twitter … Continue reading

Parade – the gosh darn cutest Twitter app yet

It is all about being cute in this one with IsParade.  Enter a search term and the results are brought to you in a parade.  Each person in the parade gets the avatar from the search results and the band brings them marching across.  The help is written in Japanese and I have yet to … Continue reading

Bettween: A New Conversation Tracker For Twitter

Bettween is a new conversation tracker for Twitter. Hailing itself as the ultimate in its class, Bettween allows you to input the user name of two twitter users and follow any conversations between them. It’s a good way to follow unfolding conversations between celebrities, or keep track of previous conversations you’ve had with your followers. … Continue reading

Flocking.Me – searches and trends from just your Twitter friends

Flocking.me takes a great approach to searches against twitter.  Instead of a search giving you results form everyone, it only gives results from your friends. Authentication is done via oAuth and offers four areas to work with: search results from your friends results on a map trends from just your friends live updates This is … Continue reading

SearchCheck: Get Alerts When Your Tweets Don’t Show Up In Twitter Search

Recently, there’s been a surge in complaints by Twitter users whose tweets aren’t getting indexed in Twitter Search.  When I recently shared ways to avoid being filtered from Twitter Search,  the amazing TwitterKarma developer, Dossy, alerted me to his new service: SearchCheck. SearchCheck will notifiy you via DM on each day that your tweets are not indexed … Continue reading

When Did You Join Twitter? Find Out Now!

When Did You Join Twitter? is a nifty little site that tells you when someone joined Twitter down to the exact date. You can also tweet out these stats to your followers. This is a cool service for establishing your authority on Twitter, figuring out whether someone is a complete newb (or spammer) or Twitter, … Continue reading

Favstar.FM – Discover Who Favorites Your Tweets

Have you ever wanted to know if people favorite your tweets? What if you could track down every single person that favorites your Twitter messages? Insert  Favstar.fm here! Thats right, we’ve found another solution for your Twitter problems. Favstar.fm is a popular site for Twitter users to search not only for the most favorited Twitter messages … Continue reading

MentionNotifier – Get Your Twitter Mentions Via Email

Tired of adding ego feeds to your RSS Reader? Want to keep track of when you’re mentioned on Twitter? MentionNotifier is the perfect solution! MentionNotifier will check Twitter every minute of the day for mentions of your Twitter handle. It even supports hashtag notifications. Simply enter your Twitter username (or keyword that you’d like notifications … Continue reading

TweetChat – ‘realtime’ chat around hastags

TweetChat is a unique approach to hashtag searches and conversations.  After using oAuth to log in, you search for or select a hashtag to view the current tweets around.  This puts you into a channel with only information about that hashtag showing up. This is important to pull yourself out of the river of Twitter … Continue reading

WhosTalking – social media search tool

WhosTalking was referred by a comment to a posting here on EverythingTwitter.  It scouts across social networks looking for posts around whatever search term you include.  The site searches across a reported 60 social sites (which sites it searches was found later) and uses and AJAX interface. When the results are returned, the middle is … Continue reading