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Twitcam: Livestreaming for Twitter!


Looks like 12seconds.tv has a little competition on Twitter with the introduction of Twitcam. Twitcam is the latest service to enter the livestream market, but is marketed specifically for Twitter. Simply connect your webcam, sign into Twitter and click broadcast. Three simple steps without any hassle.

A link with a video description is automagically sent to your Twitter stream when you begin broadcasting. You can also chat with your viewers right from the broadcast page which handles up to 100,000+ viewers. If you’re worried about all those users spamming the live chat, Twitcam has a time limit on tweeting so you cannot tweet back to back in the live chat. Don’t worry about backing up that video either. Twitcam has you covered by archiving your videos and providing you with embed links too!  Oh yes, don’t forget to share it on Facebook too.

@Corvida on TwitCam - EverythingTwitter.com


About Corvida

Founder of SheGeeks.net, Co-founder of TheSocialGeeks Podcast, EverythingTwitter.com, and a noted Influential Woman in Technology (FastCompany 09), I like telling people what really matters in technology and social media. SheGeeks.net is a where I share my findings, experiences, and beliefs about technology for others to learn from. @Corvida on Twitter Corvida on Facebook Corvida Raven on Google


One thought on “Twitcam: Livestreaming for Twitter!

  1. Actually.. I think ustream, justin.tv, and if they ever support mobile – Qik have some competition.

    As for 12seconds, we’re in a very different space.

    Posted by Jacob | July 21, 2009, 3:36 pm

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