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DMplusplus – Send direct message to users not following you

DM++ is an interesting broker service for sending direct messages.  They become the middle-man service of sorts.  You basically trust this middle source so everyone else that trusts them can send DM’s through them.

For example you could send a DM to a string of people or one person if they also trusted DMplusplus.

d dmpp @IdoNotes @Corvida you guys rock with EverythingTwitter

we would both get direct messages brokered by DM++ and we may not be even following you.  It opens the door to help keep the amount of people you follow down while allowing them to directly communicate with you when necessary.

Now what scares me is the opening of spammers using this very service by seeing who else follows dmpp and sending mass directs out.  I am not sure how they handle that filtering or removal yet.  But wait!  I found something in their text that answers this question!  Great work guys!

Set DM access levels, by default U receive DMs only from people you have @replied

Set access levels – Who do you want to receive DM from?

  • 4. From only people you follow (twitter style)
  • 3. Followers, Those you have @replied at least once in the last 2 days
  • 2. Followers, Those you have @replied anytime — default option
  • 1. From all your followers
  • 0. From anyone on twitter
  • Change the option by replying @dmpp access_level=0 (access_level numbers above)


About IdoNotes

Professional bio: Chris Miller, known as IdoNotes across the web is based in St Louis, MO as the Director of Messaging & Collaboration for Connectria and the Founder of Spiked Studio Productions.. Connectria is one of the largest IBM hosting and remote management partners. Chris speaks globally at conferences and events including: View Admin 2003-2009 View Admin Europe 2003-2008 Domino 7 Upgrade Seminar (globally) Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar (globally) Real-Time Collaboration Seminar Lotusphere 2003-2012 ILUG 2008, 2010 ULUG 2009, 2011, 2012 Collaboration University 2006-2010Domino Optimization Tour 2010 BLUG 2011, 2012 NLLUG 2010 AusLUG 2011, 2012 Other awards, events and information: Founder of IamLUG - the North American Lotus User Group event held annually. 2009-present Chris, via Connectria, is a Lotus Award winner 3 times and a finalist 5 times since 2000. Winner of the Gary Guthrie Award for Technical Writing in 2002 Previous board member of the St Louis Domino and Notes User Group Previous board member of VALU (the predecessor to LotusUserGroup) Advisory Board member to LotusUserGroup.org Chris is the founder of Spiked Studio Productions which produces industry related podcasts, webcasts and more. Shows include: IdoNotes - one of the longest running Lotus related technical podcasts BlackBerry Today - a video podcast on the hottest device, application and BlackBerry/Playbook news Consultant In Your Pocket - deep technical webcast training delivered free and subscription IdoSphere - a two day online technical event TheSocialGeeks - a leading social media roundtable podcast Sametime Guide - a video training tutorial on installing and administrating IBM Sametime TheSocialNetworker - a social media site review webcast and interview series now including Social Stalking content on social media security and privacy Certifications: PCLP since Domino R4 in administration and in Development through R5 Workplace Collaboration Services 2.5 - Team Collab and Messaging Domino 7 and 8 Certified Security Administrator Sametime Administration 7.5.x-8.5 CLP Collaboration (retired certification Aug 2006) CLI for numerous administration areas including Domino, Sametime, Quickr and Connections Yes I write some of those dreaded admin cert exams you take. I won't say which ones so you don't come looking for me, but I will say they are the real good recent ones that have been coming out. Animals: One dog, a Puggle. He has been on this world before and seems to understand slippers and a fine cigar. Mind you that is him in the chair and not me. A ninja death cat. I only see her when she strikes Music: Non-stop. At my desk, in my car, walking to work and back to my car downtown. In the house there is a crazy zoned set-up for you home automation geeks. I am a self-proclaimed MP3 fiend, to which I have tried rehab 4 billion times to no avail. Now what kind of music you ask? I will never tell.


2 thoughts on “DMplusplus – Send direct message to users not following you

  1. can you please answer this question? Is d dmpp really for sending direct messages to someone who doesn’t follow you. Can you help me? this is the situation. Im a follower of someone, he doesn’t follow me, im his follower. he doesn’t know me in person that’s why i can’t ask him to follow meon twitter. I wanna send him a personal message. I tried the d dmpp, unfortunately, a message was appearing it was stated there that the recepient doesn’t following the sender. It is an error message. can you help me with this problem as soon as possible? I badly need it. Thanks!

    Posted by jaezel | March 24, 2010, 10:11 am


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