Facebook has billions of users worldwide. Not only are users communicating within their network, they can even check businesses using the social media platform. And because of this, it is undeniable how many businesses can actually benefit from Facebook. A great example of this is how this company from the UK who provide various debt solutions such as Trust Deeds in Scotland.

They have created a debt quiz and have implemented Facebook bots to engage with their audience on Facebook Messenger. Once someone completes the quiz they are provided with various options such as the ability to call them directly, arrange a call back or speak to one of the team on live chat.

This is a great example of how the latest tech and social media can be used and shows that It is possible to connect with your market if you know exactly what you are doing. Over the years, viral marketing has helped companies expand their reach. You will be able to make use of a user’s network once you have a viral post.

So how exactly are you going to make a post go viral? First, you want to make sure that you know the attitude of your niche. This way, you know not only what to post but also how to convey the message. Next, it is also important to decide what kind of viral post are you going to make. Though videos can become viral, it is also quite expensive to make your own original video.

Next, you also want to mention different pages if you wish to make a post go viral. This is especially true for targeting people that make use of the search function on Facebook.

But more importantly, you want to make sure that you have timing whenever you wish to have a viral post. If you’ve noticed similar pages already sharing the post, you may want to find a new angle to this story. In fact, it may even be a wise move to wait for a couple of days until new updates have surfaced regarding the viral content.

Though viral marketing is undeniably effective when it comes to making the company popular, it may not always be that effective. There are instances when you have to rely on sponsored posts. This way, you can even target your audience. This can be used not only by Facebook pages that are relatively new but even by Facebook pages that already have an established audience.