Advertising on at least one social media platform is almost a necessity these days, with many people getting all of their news, entertainment and brand engagement from sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Unless it’s only targeting extremely local consumers or supplying other businesses in the area, a new company has to at least make an attempt at launching a social media account or campaign, both to market their products and enable swift, universal, open contact with their customers and consumers.

This isn’t just restricted to brands and companies that operate entirely on social media. Businesses like Victorian Plumbing – who primarily sell bathroom suites and bathroom tiles – maintain a presence across several different social media platforms, regularly posting on each of them to keep in contact with the different consumer bases they’ve built up in different corners of the internet.

Using them as an example, however, makes it obvious how they’ve managed to do so well with only one or two subjects to make social media posts about.

Variety and Convenience

First of all, Victorian Plumbing have made sure to vary their content depending on several factors – each of the sites they use for social media is intended for a different audience and purpose, and by making sure each piece of content is personalized for the site it’s going to be posted on, the company is making sure that easy of their audiences is getting relevant and unique content.

For example, the company’s Instagram account is mostly pictures of Victorian Plumbing’s products in various different designs and themes due to the site’s focus on single-image-limited-text posts. This gives all of their social media platforms more individual focus on a different aspect of their business, rather than simply being general shared content or simply a series of links to another website.

Another major success for Victorian Plumbing is the atmosphere they build around their brand – rather than having a very corporate look and feel, their social media content has been produced in a way that can only really be described as “convenient” – promotional images almost always clearly display products on offer in an environment that shows them to scale, and the captions that go with images of completed bathrooms avoid over-praising or exaggerating their products, being more descriptive in nature as a result.

Both of these have the combined effect of making their social media more of a ‘showroom’ than anything else – which is likely exactly why customers will follow them in the first place.

Customer Focus

Their customer service, whilst prominently displayed on their website, also extends to social media platforms as well. On Facebook, the company responds to any queries with links to product pages or articles containing useful information, and post questions directly to their customers about which products or designs they like most out of a certain set, allowing them to gather informal feedback whilst also interacting with individual followers and consumers.

On Twitter, the company takes an even more direct approach, getting in contact with anybody who mentions them in a complaint or query. They even allow customers to message them through the site themselves, either to contact customer service or just inquire about a product

This kind of customer-focused content and account management is a must for many companies who are hoping to build a strong social media presence under their brand, but you’ll often find that many companies end up neglecting at least one platform as time passes. Luckily, Victorian Plumbing have managed to avoid this, presumably by building up a faithful consumer base on each of their social media sites that constantly interact with their content, meaning that each social media platform is a valuable source of potential customers.

This is a key point of social media marketing – you need to build an audience first and foremost, since owning and posting on an account is free whereas attempting to advertise can quickly sap away a budget if nobody is there to see said advertisements.


Another key point that can be taken from Victorian Plumbing’s strategy is the centralisation of their social media accounts – all are easily accessible from their main website no matter which page you’re on, and some of the sites even link to each other – for example, their YouTube channel’s ‘about’ section has links to every other social media account they currently run, as well as a business email for inquiries.

This kind of accessibility means a lot when your brand is being spread across different sites with different audiences, since it enables them to see all of your content at once – taking a ‘cross-platform’ attitude towards social media marketing not only expends the potential customer and consumer base, but also means increases the number of opportunities for free advertising via customers sharing or reposting content to their followers, and the potential for content to go viral or expand past it’s expected ‘limits’ and become an accidental – and completely free – advertising campaign.