You probably won’t see much activity on twitter from the multitude of online gambling and Casino sites that are so prevalent on other marketing channels, both Digital and above-the- line. Why is that? – as they seemed to be avid users in the early days of the Twitter Phenomenon.

The anti-Social game

Some people are ashamed to admit that they enjoy a spot of online gaming or gambling. In a market that has had its fair share of bad PR it’s not always the easiest thing to admit condoning or supporting. Consequently, many people admit to not bragging about their slots gaming activities on their social channels – it’s almost like it’s become a dirty little secret, and the market has evolved because of this. Let’s be honest if you don’t get any validation in your online activities, and the “likes” and “favourites” get harder and harder to win – then eventually you are going to get disenchanted. Thus, the gradual desertion of Casinos from the Twittersphere as they realised they were increasingly operating in an echo chamber with little support from their user bases.

Social Versus Loner

Online gaming is, by definition, a solitary activity – in that is generally something that you do alone on your phone or tablet or whatever and it’s you against the slot machine or table game. In turn, this means it something that, if you wish, you can keep private about your life, and again this reduces the propensity to want to broadcast it online.

However, there is a starkly different parallel that can be drawn with another part of the gaming market – bingo. The bingo market is proudly active on Twitter and markets itself as a “social” game. One where chat and social activity is common and boasting of your wins on line is actively encouraged and also common place. Indeed the Bingo operators go out of their way to push the social message and this then dictates their social marketing policy which has to reflect those values.

Form following Function

The paradox here is that Bingo games are actually, form a pure fun-for-value quotient, much less efficient and indeed far less rewarding than many heavily regulated Casino sites. Scott Manford , the CEO of Wizard Slots, one of Europe’s leading online Casino operators, says ; “We are looking hard at Twitter again and trialling a number of new marketing methods to utilise social channels. We think it’s a process of re-educating the market of social gamblers that on-line casinos often offer far better payout ratio or “Return to player” amounts than equivalent Bingo sites. Indeed we are tested and audited to ensure that this is the case, and so we want our players to enjoy their gaming and share that experience”

iGaming Social Re-emergence

So does this mean we are going to see a re-emergence on Twitter of Casino and iGaming operators and their affiliates? It undoubtedly the case that some Casino sites are very well supported and drive a large following, but, and it’s a big but, can they convert that loyalty into a transparent and visible Twitter base. The jury is still out on that one and a lot will depend upon how each site interacts at a social level with its user base.

If the best Casinos can get their users to Tweet about them and actively support their own Tweets , through the use of targeted promotions and bonuses then they might just make enough traction to start using this channel as an intrinsic part of their holistic marketing strategy.

Time will surely tell.