Working from home for many people in the social media industry simply means finding a corner of a room that you can pop a desk in and call your own. For other, luckier social media people, they are blessed with actual office space within their home. A place that they can go to when they need to focus and also make a space that will bring out some of their creativity or business ability.

The thing with home offices are that they can be a little on the plain and boring side. That is why plenty of people turn to gadgets in order to transform the space. But which are the best gadgets for your home office and what makes them so special?

Clip on cup holder

Are you a bit frightened to place a cup of liquid anywhere near your laptop or other tech? Well, this cup holder is going to be just what you were searching for. It clips onto the side of your desk with ease and securely holds even a super sized latte without you worrying about it getting knocked over and ending up everywhere!

Motorola Baby Monitor

One of the biggest benefits about working from home is that you can balance your time between working and looking after your family. One of the handiest gadgets for those that have little ones has to be the Remote wireless video monitor mbp36s.

A video monitor, it allows you to not only listen out for your little one but also watch them on screen too. Ideal if you are trying to cram in some work whilst they have a nap.

Cable Clips

Do you have a lot of cables floating around in your office? Find that they can get tangled up, go missing or simply trip you up when you are trying to escape? If this is true then you might want to try out cable clips. Cable clips take your USB cable and slot it securely in place, it can then be attached to a desk, or any other surface, and won’t fall out and cause a nuisance.

A mobile desk

Are you not lucky enough to always get to use your office space? Is it shared with other people in the family, particularly during weekends or school holidays? If this is true for you then you might want to invest in a mobile desk. Mobile desks are fully portable meaning that you can take them wherever you want to and they are also comfortable for you to sit at too.

A desk tidy

Find that your desk is getting a bit messy? Not someone who finds organisation easy? If this is true for you then perhaps you need to consider investing into a desk tidy. Not only are there plenty to choose from meaning you can get one which is the perfect style for you, but you can also be sure that you are going to have a beautifully neat and tidy desk too!

A noticeboard

It may seem incredibly old school in a world filled with tech, but there is something rather useful about having a place to pin any important letters, notices or memos that you need to keep in mind. A noticeboard is not only great for business use, but you can also have some pictures or drawings pinned up too, all of which gives you a bit of a push to remind you why all this hard work is worth it.

A tablet or phone stand

Chances are that you will have a mobile phone or tablet that you will need to have close at hand whilst you work. Why not invest in a table or phone stand? Not only will this give you a place to put your gadget without you worrying where it is, but will also mean that it is not right under your fingertips, tempting you to surf the net or look at funny cat videos on YouTube, when you should be working.

A decent sized water bottle

We all need to make sure that we drink plenty of water, but this ca be hard when we work from home and don’t have as much of a reason to get away from our desks. A great way to try and up your water intake is to buy a decent sized water bottle. This means that you won’t have to get up as often to get more water, but still means that you will be getting enough liquid.

A lamp

Whilst it might be the last thing that you want to do, plenty of us find ourselves having to burn the midnight oil when it comes to working from home. If you find yourself working late at night, then you are going to need to make sure that you have some good quality lighting behind you. A lamp is a great way to make sure that your space is illuminated enough and keep your eyes from straining.

A mini shredder

Depending on the industry that you work in, it can still be important to think about how you dispose of some of the confidential information and documents that you may have access to. This is why a mini shredder may be a great addition. It makes sure that all confidential information is kept just that and protects you from identity fraud as well as mishaps surrounding your customers data.

Setting up a home office can be a lot of fun, particularly if you are looking for some handy gadgets that can make life that little bit easier. Why not try out some of the great ideas in this list and see if it can make a difference to your space and how you feel about working there?