Who isn’t endeavouring to grow their number of Twitter followers? It is a diamond pool for business with its crazy statistics. With over three hundred and ten million active monthly participants, Twitter is a large, vital pillar in the global social media platform. Over eighty percent of its users have “tweeted” a brand’s name at least once.

This tiny blue bird allows you to hit countless targets with one stone as it serves multiple purposes such as allowing you direct access to your customer base, letting your followers stay in tune with your news/updates, and facilitates business development for your service by generating possible leads.

You can also slowly and gradually build relationships with influential bloggers and collaborate with them as well. Now you must be wondering how you can tap into Twitter’s magic. Well, let us share some of our own strategies that will expand your Twitter presence.

Write a Kick-ass Bio

You have a hundred and sixty characters to lure in a potential follower. Therefore, utilize this space effectively and write an incredible bio. Apply keywords that are relevant in your area of expertise to latch on your target market. Let yourself shine and highlight your principles-what your values are and what you believe in.

Avoid the usage of generic phrases and jargon that people may not be attracted to. Feel free to be a little humorous as that always bring in the big catch and enlist any accreditations you have achieved or earned. And of course, the awesomeness of hashtags cannot be ignored as they will show up in general Twitter search and bring your ranking up. However, remember to not over do it as you don’t want people to think you are a spam account.

To help yourself figure out how to write a kickass biography, ask yourself what your specialization is. Brainstorm and evaluate what hashtags you wish to be associated with. Think of the kind of target market you are trying to appeal to and what it may be searching for before deciding your hashtags.

Create Targeted Lists

Dividing your audience into lists will help you narrow your goals and generate content accordingly. We recommend the following three lists:

  • Prospectives: these are the individuals you are trying to win over and get them to follow you.
  • Customers: these people are already part of your follower base and your protected, clandestine asset so as to not allow competition to access it
  • Domestic and global influencers: these will be Twitter accounts with a massive following that is relevant to the nature of your brand or service 

Share your story

Transform your Twitter account into an engaging narrative of your story and business. It is an art form that is still appreciated by people today and will get them to follow you. Humanize your corporation by forming an emotional bond with your network of followers and post details that your target base can relate too. For instance, share small moments of your day: a victory in the form of a new account, a birthday work-lunch, late working dinners (to show your commitment) or even a light-hearted moment of your colleagues sparring with pens.

Tweet Away

To maximize your social reach and engagement potential, the secret is to tweet and tweet away. It is imperative that you interact with your followers and other accounts to build your footprint in the world of Twitter. Of course, this will require a decent amount of energy and time. Incorporate value added content that could be inspiring or educational. As long as it resonates with your target market, it will be more likely to boost your sales revenue.

Collaborate Openly

Now when we say to collaborate openly, we do not mean to join hands with just anyone. It is meant to be with people who are pertinent to your market and your brand portfolio. This could build relations with a strong influencer or a fellow operator in your industry.

Seek out firms that deal with the same kind of customers that are attracted to your product and see how you can work together. Ideally, the entity you contemplate to construct an alliance with should assist in increasing your clientele, not be an impediment in the form of direct competition.

For instance, if you are about to launch a gym, try to get in touch with a well-to-do Youtuber who has a massive subscription who makes training and exercise videos. Tell him you would like to do a cross promotion and will showcase his videos in your gym as well as on all your social media channels. In return, he calls out on you on Twitter and such as a recommendation. This way, you will gain access to a market of fitness enthusiasts-a good handful should be residing within the vicinity of your gym.

Content is King

The essence of content cannot be emphasized enough as it loops in your target market and increases your following. However, the challenge with Twitter is that you only have access to one hundred and forty characters to make your pitch. If you are sharing a link, the trick is to shorten your URL. Make your tweet short, succinct and as sweet as possible.

Run A Contest

Contests are always a fun and effective tool in increasing your numbers on your Twitter profile. You do not need to offer an Iphone X as a potential prize. Hey, if it is within your budget, go for it! However, if you are just starting out on your business journey and have limited access to funds, then something as simple as a branded keychain or a $30 voucher for a massage will entice a lot of interest. Come up with a small description about the contest and get people to share it by “retweeting” it. This will keep costs down whilst providing an incentive to prospects to engage with your and your account on the hopes to win the prize.