Sure, your website is going to be the primary touchpoint between you and your customer. But its design and development is only half the work done. What is the other half? Employing digital marketing methods to push it to the top of search engine result pages and get it the attention and preference that it deserved. The awesome news is that it is the year 2018 and there is an abundance in digital marketing methods that can cater to your needs. We ae here to help you and give our top recommendations on how you can do that.

According to Summon Digital, a powerful digital marketing strategy will direct you to set objectives and define key performance indicators upon which you can benchmark success. It will allow you to differentiate yourself in the virtual realm and make your own mark. It gives you real time insight into your customer segment and lets you tailor your marketing messages as per their relevance and interest. It is the most economical out of all marketing mediums and relatively simpler to implement as there are countless tools that are self-explanatory. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Search Engine Optimization

The dynamics of search engine optimization increases the volume of traffic directed to your website. To stay in touch with the latest search engine optimization methods, subscribe to blogs and other authentic, reliable sources. Utilizing benchmarked search engine optimization tactics, your website will rank well on search engine result pages. Test different keywords that are relevant to your target audience and monitor your competition’s trending keywords as well. Do your homework and keep changing them up with time in order to ensure efficacy.

Website Design

We highly recommend that you go for a minimalistic, clutter-free aesthetic appearance for your business website. People today have a low attention span as an infinite number of brands compete for their attention. A clear cut design, compelling images and effective page navigation will encourage visitors to spend more time on your site. The more time they spend, the more likely such a prospective user will turn into a conversion. If you have the budget, hire a website designer to create that perfect website for you. However, good website designers with experience do tend to be expensive and cost money. There is a cheaper alternative: design your own website using online tools or recruit a freelancer who will do it for virtually a lot less. Sites such as Upwork and Fiverr all tend to offer good options. Get your logo designed, content written for your website (SEO-friendly preferably!) or your entire website designed.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

In order to improve your online marketing performance after you have launched your website, you may want to consider investing in paid advertising models. After all, inbound marketing will only let you rank to a certain extend. To go beyond that, you will need Pay Per Click marketing methods. To begin with, you will need an effectual roadmap and plan to help you get started. Your goal should be to optimize your pay per click efforts, so your budget can be maximized. The keywords you select will hold the secret to your success here. Tools such as keyword planners can help you identify which keywords are pertinent to your customer base and what they type in when conducting queries on search engines. The AdWords Keyword Planner is one such instrument that you can utilize. Try to go for a healthy mix of keywords with a high and low competition degree and search volume. Social media ads can also help you increase your pay per click results.

Content Marketing

Writing content that is keyword-intensive, engaging and informative will definitely bring in website traffic. Your audience will not only grow through paid searches but organically as well. Content marketing is about creating awareness and educating your target audience. It is not a sales method. The aim is to create a visitor base that tunes into your website regularly for content and relies upon it as well for informative purposes. This will help you establish yourself as a market leader and win your customer’s trust as well.

Social Media

The power of social media is not to be underestimated. It is essential that your brand have a presence on major social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to customise your brand for your target market and to interact with them directly. Create a two-way channel path of communication between you and your customer. Not only will it translate to long term brand loyalty but get you a deeper insight into your customer base as well. Clearly state the nature of your business, your opening hours, your map location and add your website link as well.

There are a myriad of social media marketing strategies you can adopt: but remember it depends on your overall business and marketing objectives. Kick off your journey on social media by re-sharing content generated by others from authentic sources. Remember that it should be relevant to your enterprise as well as capture the interest of your audience. Or go an extra mile and be adventurous: create your own content. Once you have decided your content methodology, do answer any queries or questions posted. If you get a bad review, don’t ignore it- answer it and use it as a way to improve your operations. Getting a two way conversation flow will help you win your target market’s trust – a dream value sought and chased after all marketers. Subscribe to groups that your ideal customer is part off and follow what topics are trending or generating the most momentum in terms of interest and engagement. Offer advice and recommendations on such forums. Direct sales pitches are considered as total turn offs by customers nowadays. Be brief and honest in your communication. Share information by linking to other sites, not just your own. After you have developed a strong social footprint, you may want to think about investing in social media automation tools to streamline your social media operations.