Twitter has been a popular platform for celebrities and even ordinary people. Users post and communicate with each other through, tweets that are restricted to 140 characters. The use of third-party applications is given such limit by Twitter. The reason for this is to enhance security and promote user experience.

Three years ago, #Music was shut down. The application was supposed to be created to create a new way to discover music yet it failed to persuade the listeners from the numerous competing apps in the market. The app was seeded by well-known musicians to generate a noise. Unfortunately, the head of #Music left the company which is also one of the reasons why the application was shut down.

Stolen was an in-application game in Twitter, it converts your twitter profile into a trading card. The mechanics of the game is users can buy your account with an in-game currency, and you can also sell them for in-game profit. The game became outrageous and became addictive, yet the game has a potential of enabling abuse and privacy concerns. As the application deals with in-game credit, those who purchased the in-game currency got a refund the Apple Store.

Last January 2017, twitter officially shut down vines. Vines is the popular short-video sharing application which was owned by Twitter. Vine became an independent application, their service shifted to Vine Camera. Although it has the same features, the new video clips will not be uploaded to the Vine’s site. The shutdown of Vine has a great impact on its users, it has been a way of communicating and spreading information through short video clips.

Even though these in-applications have been closed down, twitter is still an efficient platform to connect and communicate with your friends and other people around the globe. Get interesting news on the things you are most interested in.