As the popularity of Twitter is constantly increasing, tweets are also increasing. Tweets are publicly visible by default yet the users can change the settings. Words, phrases, and statements are not the only thing you can see on Twitter.  Some users post and interact through photos and videos. A photo was equivalent to 24 characters yet Twitter announced that photos and videos will not count against the 140 character limit.

Twitter has its own integrated photo-sharing service, it enables the user to upload their photo directly and attach it to a tweet right from the website. It has a gallery or media section where photos and videos are gathered and delegated all the photos the user has uploaded and third-party applications like Flickr.

Flickr is a photo-sharing website that allows you to upload your photos. The application makes photo viewing and sharing easier. Your Flickr can now be linked to your twitter account! With flickr4twitter you can tweet or post any photo you email from your mobile phone, tweet or post photos, and videos from Flickr and lastly, you can tweet through the Flickr API.

To use Flickr, you should sign in your twitter account and authorize your Flickr account to access its amazing service. Without flaw and hassle, photos and videos are easily and instantly shared with your Twitter followers while it is connected with the Flickr website.

Flickr has two main goals for their users to be satisfied, they want to help the users make their photos available to the people who are important to them and to organize the uploaded photos and videos. The service of Flickr allows the users to simultaneously post photos of the user’s Flickr account and Twitter account along with the recently launched short web address (URL) generated by Flickr.