Tweets are visible publicly, although some accounts can be restricted. Issues easily trend through a word or phrase that are mentioned at a greater frequency, with this spams are easily created. These issues help Twitter and the users to understand the trending topics in the world and the opinions of the people about it.

Search on Twitter has many uses, you can look for tweets from yourself, friends, local businesses, political leaders, and celebrities. You just need the topic, keyword or hashtag to follow and read ongoing conversations about a trend. Twitter is not a search engine, but it can be. It can build an interesting real-time search engine, nevertheless, Google is still way ahead than Twitter and for now, Twootles bring together Twitter and Google.

Millions of people have been using twitter, thus looking for a certain tweet might be a hassle, Twitter has many users and Google needs a highly optimized post to easily see it. Thus, there is a need to have a platform that can easily search a topic.

Twitter launched a new platform for all of its avid users. Twootles is a combination of Twitter and Google search. This is an ideal platform to those who want to search through twitter and Google. Whenever you search for something, the result page divides into two columns, the right side displays the twitter search results and the left side displays the Google search results.

Although it is more effective searching through Google since it provides quality and informative search results, Twitter has also a security feature. Twitter gives you a control on what you can reach in the search engine results. Sensitive or implicit contents are being filtered by twitter, even those accounts you have blocked or muted from the search results. It even censors hashtags that are trending and claimed to be offensive or abusive.