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Gwittr – advanced Twitter searching

Gwitter is another Twitter search tool allowing you to look at anyone’s Twitter stream and sort by links, search old tweets and find pictures faster Continue reading


FollowerWonk – Twitter analytics and comparisons

FollowerWonk has both a free and pro version.  I went through the tabs to see what I could do as a free user Searching Twitter bios was helpful.  It allowed me to sort the results by influence, days on Twitter, tweets, following and followers.  I found a few new ones to consider.  In app following … Continue reading

Social Crawlytics – social sharing analysis tool

Social Crawlytics is a tool that graphs how a website is shared across the social networks. Continue reading

TweetWhen – gauge when to retweet for best results

TweetWhen was picked up by @Alanlepo and we had to check it out. If you ever wondered when your tweets had the biggest impact, this site attempts to show you just that. Continue reading

Twitter Sentiment – track the good and bad on a word or phrase

Twitter Sentiment makes reading the pulse of the Twittersphere a breeze.  Enter any term or word, the default right now is NBC Olympics, and get graphs and recent tweets on the mood about that topic.  You will get a percentage pie chart, a number count and the words used.  Enter your own term and simply … Continue reading

GraphEdge – social analytics into your Twitter network

GraphEdge stayed out of our vision for a while, reasons unknown.  Yet they offer a great service from testing…. as shown in their screenshot here: There is numerous tools provided with the service including: How many of your followers you’re really reaching How quickly your network is growing (or shrinking!) Who’s dumping you Who your most … Continue reading

Ad.ly – analytics for your Twitter account

Ad.ly is an ad network for Twitter, but also offers an analytics service, via a partnership with PeopleBrowser, that is quite a nice tool.  It analyzes both your content and audience, all after you log in via oAuth. Here are some of the features: When you tweet compared to when you get retweeted Map overlay … Continue reading

TweetLevel – see someones importance (authority) on Twitter

TweetLevel is the kind of application we need with Twitter lists forming and the questions now surrounding them.  How reliable, or seen as an authority, is someone? TweetLevel looks at a few categories about an individual including Influence, Popularity,  Engagement and Trust.  Each is given a ranking score from 1 to 100.  I like the … Continue reading

Trendistic – great graphs on Twitter trends

Trendistic, from Flaptor, looks good and works better.  See the trend over 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and more.  Tweet your chart or even embed it.  it is all there.  You log in via oAuth to interact, if you wish, or just use it anonymously. It is a tool that allows you to track … Continue reading

gtFtr – Get fit with Twitter

gtFtr is a very, very new and rudimentary site.  Yet the graph was pretty cool that is showed.  There is only certain exercises supported right now, but the goal is to track how often and how long you do each one.  Steps, calories and distance can be shown in the graph.  Push-ups,m sit-ups and elliptical … Continue reading