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TweetRiver – another corporate Twitter management tool

TweetRiver takes another approach to the same as TweetFunnel does that we highlighted this morning (why not make it a corporate tool day).  The goal of this tool is to allow tweets to show on your site and manage the content that comes through.  Unfortunately they have no ability to test this on their site and I have to reply on screenshots.  It is totally a paid service, which is fine with us, but a test account login wouldn’t hurt.

Some of the capabilities were:

  • manually approve
  • automatically manage based on keywords
  • ban words or phrases
  • categorize messages so they can be acted upon

So the idea is to give the team that watches and manages your enterprise Twitter account a tool.  You have some roles based on moderating, distributing and authoring tweets.

You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, which is an added bonus missed this morning by TweetFunnel.  You can then control who tweets to protect your corporate Twitter account and password.  All tweets are then recorded for auditing and historical purposes.  If they can do threading in there too I see big benefit.

Data can be filtered, keywords in tweets can be linked to hook poeple to anything you want on your company site or, well, anywhere at all.  Finally the look and feel out of the output that you want to show on your website can be customized so you keep the color and theme you worked so hard to build.

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3 thoughts on “TweetRiver – another corporate Twitter management tool

  1. Xboxsupport use it and their top notch even have a Guinness book of records for most responsive brand on Twitter

    Posted by Peter | September 1, 2010, 8:10 pm
  2. Thanks for covering TweetRiver, I think you got all of the main points but we’re less ‘another corporate Twitter management tool’ and more a way for companies to leverage twitter content on their websites.

    The idea for TweetRiver is that organizations would want to use twitter content on their website but would be worried about damaging their brand after seeing how people behaved with the Skittles experiment.

    We built an easy way for organizations to select twitter topics that are interesting to them and then automatically filter the streams to make sure only relevant, safe tweets make it onto the site. The streams can embedded onto a website or set up on their own page in seconds.

    A secondary benefit of the moderation is that we can also filter tweets for other uses. For example, some people want tweets routed to a customer service or marketing queue for later response. We’re also working on some content parsing and ranking algorithms to get the best quality tweets at the top.

    TweetRiver also provides authoring and auditing controls so that multiple employees can tweet on behalf of a company while keeping a record of who said what to whom. This helps create a work flow for customer service and marketing, but our secret sauce is in intelligently aggregating and filtering tweets.

    Thanks for the coverage!


    Posted by EJ | June 3, 2009, 12:50 pm


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